100% Made and assembled in Arizona 

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Update Your Heavy Bag

Update Your Reaction Time

Update Your Accuracy

Experience 21st Century Combat Training

What is the Barrage Striking Sleeve?

An Interactive Wrap For Your Punching Bag 

This device is made to wrap around your free-standing or hanging punching bag. It has LEDs and pressure sensors indicating where to strike.

Your Guide To Accuracy and Faster Reaction Time

No longer will you have to improvise combinations and targets while working out. Instead react to your Barrage Striking Sleeve virtual opponent, just like a real opponent. 

Your At-Home Coach

The Striking Sleeve gives visual indications of where and when to strike, similar to how a real boxing or martial arts coach would. 


Ricky Johnson - Founder



Computer Engineer

Karate Black Belt

Accelerator Member

The Story

May 2018

Learned to sew (somewhat) and made a punching bag with LEDs and striking sensors inside.

June 2018

One of many failures along the way while designing. Batteries do not like to be loosely attached. 

January 2019

Replicated CAD template to create the current iteration of the Barrage Striking Sleeve.

April 2018

First proof of concept testing a touch sensor with LEDs inside of a punching bag.

June 2018

Not wanting to compete with punching bag manufacturers, created the first Striking "Sleeve".

September - December 2018

After multiple prototype iterations, created a rendering of what a sellable Striking Sleeve should look like.



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